Free 30 Day Artist Jumpstart Challenge

No fluff lessons and practical, sequential steps to grow your audience and start selling more art. PLUS, get access to our artist community to work through each day's challenge with hundreds of other artists.

We used to sell this challenge for $45, but we want this education in the hands of as many artists as possible, so we're offering it for FREE!

What you'll learn:
- how to define and FIND your audience
- how to engage your audience and make it easy for them to buy
- how to set attainable goals
- how to best price your artwork
- how to know what content to create and share
- how to build and leverage an email list of fans
- how to get the most from an artist website
- how to build beneficial partnerships with other artists
- how to reachout to venues and stores to display and sell your work
- how to set up analytics to know how fans interact with your website
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